Spiders of North America

One of my hobbies is insects, so I though I would do a post about all the different kinds of spiders you can find in the USA and Canada.

Out of all spider species discovered till date, spiders of North America account for 10 percent of overall. Approximately round 4000 species are found in North America. Spiders can be of various types basing on their color, shape and behavior. Most of us have the notion that the web produced by the spiders is always utilized for catching prey. This is not always true. The type of web produced by the spiders can also be taken as a way of identifying them. Here are some of the spiders of North America.


Grass spiders

These spiders are commonly found in Mexico, Canada and US. There are in total thirteen species which are known as grass spiders. They tend to make funnel-like web structure. The web made by them is non-sticky and dense. If you are having a spider problem, see how to use peppermint oil to repel spiders



Broad-faced sac spider

These spiders are generally found in the trees beneath the bark and folded leaves. Sometimes you would encounter these in your home too. These spiders have a habit of hiding in the day time under the leaves and bark of a tree and hunt during the night.


Hacklemesh Weaver

These species are endemic to Europe but these found their new home in North America quite a long time ago. Although you would find these spiders wandering around your home every now and then, still these spiders also live in shrouded places like rock, leaves, and many other places.


Black and yellow garden spider

As the name suggests these spiders have black and yellow patterns over their body which make them look dangerous. Female species of these types are pretty big in size. These spiders are generally found in outside places like garden, farms and old houses. Their web takes the shape of round orb.


Ant Mimic Spider

These spiders are best known for their 24*7 wandering and hunting habits. These spiders are generally not found in homes. They live under rocks, leaves and many other places. They move pretty the same way ants do so these are known as ant mimic spiders.


Dark fishing spider

These spiders are pretty enormous in size. These are fond of the vertical surfaces such as poles, trunks of trees, walls of the building and certain other places. These are nocturnal hunters who don’t spin webs to capture prey like other spiders.

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Woodlouse hunter

This is one of the spiders of North America which doesn’t spin webs. These are bright in color and possess fang and jaws which help them to catch their prey.


The list is never exhaustive. There are many other spiders of North America which you will find peculiar as you go on knowing about them.

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